Norwegian Language Services offers proofreading, fact and source checking, and editing of academic articles and books dealing with Scandinavian literary texts. Rates for this service begin at $6.00 / double-spaced page for simple proofreading with additional fees for supplemental services. Please send a description of your project, including a summary and number of pages for a price quotation.

"Marte Hult meticulously edited my dissertation. Her turnaround time was very short, and her editing work had a high level of precision. Two committee members told me that 'your dissertation reads well' - thanks to Marte Hult. I could not think of a better editor and I recommend her to anyone."
"Marte Hult's help with my book manuscript was simply invaluable. She edited and proof-read my text with a razor-sharp eye for detail and offered good overall language comments. Her detailed comments on my translation (and on the Norwegian language spelling reforms) were also extremely useful, as was her knowledge of Norway and Norwegian literature in general and bibliographic sources in particular. She was extraordinarily dependable and hard-working. Marte, thanks!"

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Last updated January 25, 2015